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At our local Hawthorne office, we understand that having a family member or a loved one arrested can be a devastating. Some might even say it’s a traumatic experience. The crime itself may have been committed unintentionally or your loved one may even be innocent. We understand that good people get in trouble. We want to assure you that our bail agents will do everything in our power to help your loved one be free FAST.

What is our process?

When you receive the devastating news that someone you know has been arrested for a bail-able crime, call us right away so that we can take action as soon as possible. When you call us, let us know about where you can meet us. The Hawthorne Police Department is a great place to meet because we will have to turn the bail bond in there. If you live near the Hawthorne Jail located on Hawthorne Boulevard, we can arrange a meeting quickly so we can get to work as soon as possible. However, if you live far away, then our local bail bond agent can come to you to collect information.

Here are the things that we need:

  • The full name of the defendant
  • The Jail he/she was booked in
  • The booking number of the defendant if you have it
  • The reason for his arrest if you know it

With this information, our agent will be able to identify the defendant and will be able to help them in the best possible way. Please be as clear to our agent as possible about the reason of arrest so that we may be able to do our research of the matter and help your loved one bail out as soon as possible. The process may take from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how busy the jailor is that day. Rest assured that our agent will do whatever he or she can to help you out.

What do we need from you?

We understand that you are facing a very difficult time and we will streamline the process for you so that you will not have to face difficulties in getting your loved one out. Here are a few things that a bail bond agent will require from you:

  • A fixed premium, which usually ranges from 8% to 10%. This “premium” amount is presented to the jail along with the bail bond and the fee is non-refundable.
  • Collateral in the form of property or valuables can be used in the event of a large bond.
  • A written guarantee that the defendant will continue to appear in court on the mandated court dates.
  • The defendant will oblige to all the conditions laid out in the bail bond.

Once this is done, our agent will present the bail bond at the jail. The Hawthorne Police department or nearby courthouse who will release the defendant on bail. The court then requires the defendant to show up regularly on the court-mandated dates till the proceedings of the court end. The bail bond is exonerated once the defendant is proven innocent or guilty.

Why choose our Hawthorne bail Bonds service?

Our local Hawthorne bond office prides itself for being the top of the competition. We understand that this is a matter of great concern for you. We make sure that we hire only the best bail bond agents who will help you with your legal problem. Our bail bond agents are licensed, trained and experienced in dealing with these types of situations. We are veterans in what we do, especially in Hawthorne, CA where we’ve turned in hundreds of bonds.

We empathize with our clients and truly understand the gravity of the situation. Our agents are available to help you out all day, every day of the week. If you are facing such a situation, just pick up the phone and dial 310-818-4020. Our local bail bondsman are always active and ready to solve your problems.

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