We got into the bail bond business because we are passionate about everyone’s right to freedom. We don’t believe that anyone should be locked in a jail cell for longer than absolutely necessary, and that’s why we get you out faster than any other bail bond agency. Our agents are experts in their field and can get to the jail and have the paperwork filled out for your release in no time at all simply because we are the closest to the Hawthorne Police Department. Bail bond agencies charge a standard price, and so the difference is in the service that we provide. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are the best in the business and you’ll be able to tell the difference between our agents and those from other companies. Our Hawthorne bail agents understand the bail process in Hawthorne, CA so well that they can explain it to absolutely anyone. We make sure that you are charged the lowest price possible for your freedom. In fact, anyone who claims to charge less is doing so illegally. There’s no need to risk another run-in with the law – even if you can’t afford our low fee we can set up a payment plan that works for you. In some cases, we can even get you out of jail immediately for absolutely no upfront payment.

We don’t care why you were arrested. Whether it was for domestic violence, assault or theft, we are happy to help you gain your freedom. That’s because we know that everyone’s lives and situations are different, and we are in no place to judge anyone else. Our agents treat absolutely every client with the highest level of respect. We don’t believe in threatening or intimidating our clients. By the time you’re in jail, you may have dealt with a lot of judgement and unpleasant attitude from the law enforcement agents. Our agents are friendly and understanding of your situation, and will do their very best to help you in every way possible. Whether it’s your first time behind bars or you’ve been arrested before, the agents at our Hawthorne office will make sure you have all the information you need to know about the bail process. It’s important to us that you don’t end up back in jail, and that’s why we take the time to ensure that you understand what is required of you. We will go through the conditions of your bail with you, and ensure that you know when you need to show up for court and why. Once we post your bail, we’re in this together and we will work with you to ensure that you don’t need to pay any more unnecessary fees to keep your freedom. The reason our agents don’t believing in hounding or threatening you to show up for court is that we understand that we have the same goals – to keep you out of jail and save you as much money as possible!

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