What are my choices if I’m detained when it comes to getting out of jail?
There are three alternatives for release of a defendant:

It’s possible for you to use a bondsman to buy a bond. What this means is you will pay a fee and may have to use some type of security.

You can post cash for the total sum of the bond with the court or jail;

The paperwork takes about 10 – 30 minutes, determined by the intricacy of the trade. Please remember that these times aren’t guaranteed but general time frames.

What’s Security?
Security is real or personal property pledged to the Bond Agency, used to guarantee the bond amount in the event the defendant doesn’t appear for any of his or her court proceeding(s). Essentially, collateral is a way of ensuring the defendant will return to court and complete his or her duty to the court. Once the defendants’ case is finalized the security is returned to the rightful owner.

Real estate
Credit cards
Private credit
Bank accounts

Yes. We do offer payment plans.

We take these forms of payment:

Master Card
American Express
Private, Cashier’s, or Traveler’s Checks

Bond premium is nonrefundable. Also, while outside on a bail bond if the defendant gets detained for another charge, the premium isn’t refunded.

Can the defendant leave the nation or state while out on bond?
The defendant must get journey authority from the Bail Bond Agency. Also, in some authorities, the court instructs the state to not be left by defendants. The Courts power is overridden by the Bond Bureau cannot.

What happens if the defendant doesn’t appear in court?
A bench warrant is issued for the man’s arrest by the judge. The defendant’s name is subsequently entered into a national database (NCIC) as a fugitive. Additionally, the Bond Agency is notified of the defendant’s nonappearance and obligated by law to detain the person.

It’s rarely that a criminal case takes annually. In such conditions, renewal premium might need to be paid to the bail agency if a fresh bond is required by the judge. On the other hand, the court may give a bail sum decrease or a release on O.R. in some cases, which wouldn’t necessitate a new bond.

What happens if the defendant gets detained while out on bond?
Contact our bureau when possible. There are various choices accessible this situation.

Are some Bail Representatives less expensive than others?
Bond Representatives are licensed by the Department of Insurance. The D.O.I controls the contractual rate between a bail bond agency and their surety business is what’s charged. That speed may change typically between 8 – 10%.

A. Where is the man in detention? Make sure you ask the person in custody where they may be located (city, state and name of jail).

B. What’s the complete name and booking number of the person in jail? The bail agent will need this info in order to contact the jail.

C. How much is the bond? The bail agent will get this information when they contact the jail should you not have it. With the bail amount the agent can let you know the amount, it’s going to cost to post a bond and get the man out of jail.

At what stage is the co-signer no longer liable for the bond?
It’s a good idea to contact our bureau when the court exonerates the bond.

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